Who am I?

I am Quizzle.

I’m a cavewoman. In diet and mind. I like creating stuff – writing, drawing, digging the dirt, taking pictures, growing plants, playing music – and cooking of course. It’s actually never quite been a thing, it’s just been a natural part of life. Although I like people and easily feel explosions of mother’s instinct toward all things toddlers and animals, I am clearly an introvert.

2013-05-03 19.20.09

I am at my happiest when completely focused on and immersed in something, either an idea or an activity. Some call it flow, some call it effortless appropriate activity, I call it …. well, I haven’t really attached a name – seems pointless when you’re “in it”. So I thought: “Why not combine cooking, photography and writing and create a gesamtkunstwerk? That way I’ll have several creative forces working simultaneously; multiple joy.”

2013-04-28 10.39.03

I also like: colors, vegetables, plants, dogs, flowers, running water, camp fires and fire places, stars, the internet, bacon, olive oil, cozy blankets, cups of tea, cups of coffee, cats, eating out, eating in, eating … everywhere, hugs, maps, computer games – you know, the important things.

This is Leia.

2013-05-02 20.18.07

She’s probably smarter than me and helps out with anything interesting. She’s curious but cool, easily bored and likes horse meat, beef, chicken, mutton, pork and tooth paste.

2013-07-17 12.11.25

2013-05-12 17.13.36

2013-04-20 11.55.49 2013-07-17 12.10.452013-07-17 12.10.51

She’s kind of girly. Her color is definitely pink. But she’s also a duck hunter and a descendant of wolves and clearly not a vegetarian.

2013-04-29 09.38.58 copy

The cavewoman needs her she-wolf, we be huntin’ together.

2013-05-24 21.37.01

… and don’t tell her, but she’s also a kinda awww!

2013-01-30 23.23.50

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