First Shipment of Bulletproof Coffee!


I’ve known of Dave Asprey and his Bulletproof Diet for some time, but had yet to try his renowned Upgraded Coffee. For those of you unfamiliar with the product, here’s the story in short:

When younger, Asprey acquired a heightened sensitivity to molds due to living in a damp environment (watch out, this can lead to serious health issues!). Strangely, he noticed he would get the same symptoms – most notably a pressing headache – when drinking coffee. Besides he didn’t quite like the the familiar jitteryness accompanying coffee’s praised psychoactive effects. So he thought: “Is there a way to produce coffee with all the benefits and none of the side effects?” (or something of the sort)

He found that commercial coffees almost always contain toxins produced by fungi, so-called mycotoxins. This is inherent in the way they are processed – the beans are usually placed outside to dry or put in a water tank to ferment; thus allowed to mold. Asprey created a whole new process (veiled in secrecy, of course – one has a trade mark to protect) of drying the beans, leaving the final product completely fungi free. So far he is the only one … which can be profitable.

I had the time to drink a couple of cups before leaving on a vacation, but I gotta say: Wow. There were expectations involved and I am hardly unbiased, but I think I see what the fuzz is about. A mild, smooth taste. No jitters. No crash. Just a clear, sharpened, focused mind. Everywhere I look there is nothing but praise, can it be that it actually works?

Can’t wait to go home and get some more. I ordered a large box plus a bottle of MCT oil (medium chain triglycerides, apparently the ideal saturated fat type popular as a supplement or food additive). The “right” way to drink Bulletproof Coffee is with MCT oil and grassfed butter blended in, and as one who frequently eats coconut oil or butter straight from the jar of course I recommend it.

Stay bulletproof! 😉

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