Crispy “Breaded” Chicken

2013-06-05 22.26.22

When I first discovered paleo, the decision was easy and the transition from my old diet uncommonly painless. I eat what I want, as much as I want, whenever I want – which works because I simply don’t want food with grains anymore. My body doesn’t either. Do I miss certain foods? Yes. Pasta? No. Bread? No. Rice? Um … little bit. But my meat and vegetables make me feel like a king. I do have weaknesses though. They are:

  • potato chips
  • crêpes salées (“salt pancakes”)
  • breaded things

Potato chips: easy. I eat potatoes from time to time, so making my own chips from regular or sweet potatoes with a good quality oil and sea salt works well.

Pancakes: with a bit of practice, also easy. There are plenty of good paleo pancake recipes i circulation, including ingredients like eggs, bananas, almond flour, coconut flour, gelatine etc. I’m still working on a recipe that doesn’t fall apart in the frying pan (sad to say, there is nothing like wheat gluten to bind things together – yet), but the result is always tasty.

UPDATE: After some experimentation, here it is: My best paleo pancake recipe so far!

Breaded things: more of a challenge. Each time I had a schnitzel I kept telling myself: “It’s only a tiny bit, I won’t be sick from such a small amount, surely?” Wrong. I learned that over and over again – and so began my quest to find a suitable alternative. I tried making fish fingers with almond flour and eggs, but wasn’t satisfied. The coating lacked in crispness and taste. Finally the magical ingredient became apparent: pork rinds. My favorite snack.

Crush the pork rinds in a mortar or food processor. Mix up with some almond flour if you like. I added paprika powder for color. Whisk a couple of eggs, roll your chicken chunks in them and then in the pork/almond mixture. Fry on high in coconut oil or bacon fat. I served it with an egg/tuna salad and a sweet & sour orange sauce from

2013-06-05 22.41.11

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