A Little (Apply) Experiment

I wanted to check out different ways to make my favorite dessert: baked apples. I made some cool discoveries I want to share. My basic recipe is this: fill a cored apple (one per person) with a mixture of butter (or coconut oil), honey and cinnamon. Put in a small baking dish/cup. Bake at 200°C for 10 – 15 minutes.

The variables of the experiment were: with or without skin and with or without aluminium foil on top.


Left to right: w/skin, without foil; pear (not part of the experiment); without skin, w/foil; w/skin, w/foil. Not included in the picture (as it was eaten by my boyfriend’s little brother): without skin, without foil.

The clear winner is the one both with skin and with aluminium foil. It is softer than all the others, not burned at all, the most deep-flavored – and the apple’s color is retained, which is of course more aesthetically pleasing. Why? The skin keeps the moisture from escaping. So does the foil, and that’s why Mr. w/skin, without foil comes second.

The two without skin turned out pretty much the same (as the other), the one without foil slightly burned on top. They both seemed to swell, and the difference in texture from the ones with skin was substantial. It’s like they’ve started drying up.

So: keep the peel on during baking, you don’t have to eat it afterwards – just scoop out the flesh with a spoon – though I don’t mind eating it. Apparently the skin is the most nutritious part of the apple; full of anti-oxidants (which makes sense – you know, if there’s a hole in the skin an apple will start rotting in a couple of days. What happens when it rots is oxidation. Anti-oxidants, of course; inhibit oxidation). Also the butter-honey mixture seeps into the skin and makes it really good to suckle …

Serve with coconut milk or whipped cream and a cup of freshly ground black coffee if you like. Enjoy this dessert and all the good things in life!

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