Superb Sushi Table

2013-01-06 01.05.20Genius idea: eating sushi the tapas way – just cover the table with ingredients, and let people make their own makis, nigiris or (as I prefer, since I mostly eat paleo) sashimis. Will definitely make this a regular with my kids (when I obtain some). Something like this is perfect, as you can include just the amount of detail you wish for – you can keep it simple with rice, nori and salmon – or you can go big with all kinds of vegetables, herbs, seafood, miso soup or other soups, and green tea for starters. You can use your regular cutlery and dishes, or some authentic Japanese ones and create a whole new dimension.

From the upper left corner: sake, assorted nigiri and maki, wasabi, soy sauce, cilantro and flat leaf parsley, ginger, wakame, lime wedges, green tea, sashimi with herbs and vegetables, sesame seeds and miso soup.

Sushi Table

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