Deliciously Airy Herb Butter

I got my brand new Bamix wand mixer for Christmas, and I have spent these last days in the same fashion as I have since my childhood; playing with the newly acquired toys. It’s great. Black and shiny. It replaces a powerful blender and can even crush ice cubes. Mine came with a mincer, a blender and a whisk. This is what I did today.

IMG_20121229_001623 crop2

This simple herb butter goes well with pretty much anything – as a sprinkling for red meat, fish or poultry; as a dash on top of your favorite soup or vegetables; or simply as a spread. It is very rich in flavor due to the crushed herbs. You’ll need:

  • About two handfuls of seasonal herbs (basil, thyme, parsley, cilantro, oregano etc.)
  • Lemon juice or apple cider vinegar
  • 100g butter cut into cubes (this is what I used, but you can use as much or as little as you like for the desired amount of herb flavor)

Rinse the herbs and put them in a tall container with some lemon juice or vinegar. Mince lightly with a wand mixer, then add the butter, which should not be too hard (it blends easier at room temperature!). Mince for about a minute, then whisk the mixture with what tool you have at hand until it gets that nice, airy texture. Try a bite and observe the way it melts on your tongue like it’s not even there.

If you use unsalted butter, add salt to taste. Can also be varied infinitely with all sorts of spices, garlic, pureed vegetables (I will try celery butter) or fruit. Ah, what uncharted territory opens up with a good-looking, powerful wand mixer!

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